The overarching challenge to be tackled by the project is to re-introduce the highly significant subterranean roman Hadrian Aqueduct in the contemporary urban life of Halandri, in order to raise local cultural and natural heritage awareness and contribute to citizens’ local wellbeing. To be more specific, Cultural H.ID.R.A.N.T. will strengthen mnemonic dimensions in urban public space, contribute to conservation and cultivation of local cultural capital, enhance walkability and access to quality green spaces and operate in a peripheral municipality to create a paradigm shift in the present weak peripheral heritage branding compared to Athens historical centre. Cultural H.ID.R.A.N.T. will employ Hadrian Aqueduct as Heritage Commons, Water Commons and a Community Network, re-introducing the cultural heritage asset beyond the usual ‘sight-seeing’ approach and towards a reconstitution of its contemporary use value as heritage and water commons and potential community network. As a result, water will become a cultural heritage ambassador, while cultural heritage will re-initiate sustainable water use and endogenous and resilient urban development to tackle both crisis and development pressures.
TPA is a Partner in the project responsible for the technical studies and the investment, supporting Municipality of Halandri.
Applicants should fulfill the following criteria:
  • Master in Architecture or Landscape Architecture
  • Three (3) year minimum experience in landscape design studies
  • Proficiency in English
Applicants should submit a CV and Portfolio in
The Call will remain open till 10 of January 2021
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