TPA participated - with architects Ivy Nanopoulou and Maria Sgouridou - at the first international “Health and Tourism Integration Conference”
held in Athens on the 22nd and 23rd February 2014.
Under the Patronage and Auspices of:
· Ministry for Development and Competitiveness
· Ministry of Health
· Ministry of Tourism
· Hellenic Chamber of Hotels
· Hellenic Association of Travel and Tourist Agencies

The conference was about integrating the stakeholders of 8 health-related segments, as well as 14 sector-supporting Industries into an Alliance . Ivy Nanopoulou, co-chairing the session on “The role and contribution of the supporting industries”, had the opportunity to stress the necessity to work together for a sustainable and resilient well-being, introducing into the health and tourism system environmental criteria through holistic mechanisms and integrated approaches for the improvement of the operation of the facilities, the enhancement of sustainable and resilient building shells as well as of their surrounding environments.

You can download the Conference Report from below.
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